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Brief introduction to the use technology of graphite electrodes

Brief introduction to the use technology of graphite electrodes

Types of graphite electrodes

Electric arc steelmaking furnaces are generally divided into three categories, namely ordinary power electric furnaces, high power electric furnaces and ultra-high power electric furnaces. Corresponding to the power level of electric furnace steelmaking, graphite electrodes are also divided into three varieties accordingly, namely ordinary power graphite electrodes (code-named RP grade), high-power graphite electrodes (code-named HP grade) and ultra-high power graphite electrodes (code-named UHP grade). ). Electrode nominal diameters vary from 75mm to 700mm. The physical and chemical properties of high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes are superior to ordinary power graphite electrodes, such as lower resistivity, higher volume density and higher mechanical strength, small linear expansion coefficient, and excellent oxidation resistance.


Selection of Graphite Electrode for AC Arc Steelmaking Furnace

Electric furnaces with different powers should use graphite electrodes corresponding to them. For example, high-power electric furnaces should use high-power electrodes. Different power electric furnaces have different graphite electrode diameters. It is generally believed that ordinary power electric furnaces choose RP electrodes with a diameter of 75-500mm; high-power electric furnaces choose HP electrodes with a diameter greater than 300mm;


Problems that should be paid attention to when using conical joints to connect electrodes

The biggest advantage of the conical joint is that the longitudinal section of the hole wall of the electrode connection hole is conical, the outer wall is thin, the inner wall is thicker, the overall strength is high, and it is not easy to burst, and the middle diameter of the joint is large, so it is not easy to be broken


Post time: Mar-21-2023