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Carbon Electrode Paste

Carbon Electrode Paste

Short Description:

Raw Material: Electric Anthracite Coal, Graphite Powder, Asphalt, Coal Tar, etc.

Shape: Briquette, Trapezoid, Cylinder

Application: For Silicon Manganese/Ferrosilicon/Ferrochrome/Calcium Carbide/

Ferronickel Smelting in Submerged Arc Furnace.

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Product Detail

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Product Introduction

Carbon electrode paste is made of a mixture of baked anode scrap, electric calcined anthracite, graphite powder, pet coke and pitch coke, with pitch and coal tar binding all the substances together, the mixture will be finally made into a briquette in a particular sequence of process such as baking, crushing, grinding, screening, batching, kneading and forming.


◇ For silicon manganese smelting in Submerged arc furnace
◇ For ferrosilicon smelting in Submerged arc furnace
◇ For ferrochrome smelting in Submerged arc furnace
◇ For calcium carbide smelting in furnace
◇ For ferronickel smelting in Submerged arc furnace 

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The Physical and Chemical Specification of Electrode Paste






3 max

Volatile Matter



Compressive Strength


18 min

Specific Resistance


68 max



1.46 min

Carbon Content


85 min



30 max




Product Strength

Support Customization

Support customized sizes according client's requirement

Low Unit Consumption

Recommend different specification for different furnace to reduce end user's production cost

Strict Quality Control

Adopt numerical control operation to ensure the error rate of main specification is 0.1% max

Better Performance

Adopt unique formula to improve product performance

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Core Advantage

Manufacturing Capacity

The daily production capacity of electrode paste is around 400 tons.


Professional inspection team for shipment and support third-party inspection (SGS).

24 Hours

Professional technician and sales team track the use of customers, and respond to any problems within 24 hours.


Supply technical support and solutions for every customer for any issues when producing in furnace

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