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Calcined Petroleum Coke

Calcined Petroleum Coke

Short Description:

Raw Material: Green Petroleum Coke

Size: 0-2mm, 1-3mm, 1-5mm, 3-8mm, cusomized size, etc..

Application: As carburizer, for aluminum smelting, etc..

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Product Introduction

The calcination of petroleum coke is an important process in carbon production process, which is calcined at high temperature under the condition of air isolation to remove volatile matter and water from raw materials. In the process of calcination, a series of deep changes have taken place in the structure and element composition of all kinds of carbon raw materials to improve their physical and chemical properties, and then the calcined petroleum coke can be obtained.

From the appearance, the calcined petroleum coke (CPC) is an irregularly shaped coke with porous structure. After calcination, the pores of carbon particles are more transparent, with ferrous metal luster, and more than 98% of the elements are carbon.


GPC application

It can be divided into low sulfur, medium sulfur and high sulfur calcined petroleum coke for different uses.

■ Low-sulfur calcined petroleum coke

1. As an insulating material and filler for the manufacture of graphite electrodes and special carbon products;
2. As a carburizer or reductant in metallurgical foundry industry, as well as in titanium industry.

■ Medium sulfur calcined petroleum coke

Generally used in aluminum smelting, mainly used in pre-baked anodes and cathodes for electrolytic aluminum.

■ High-sulfur calcined petroleum coke

It can be used in chemical production, silicon carbide or fuel for metal manufacturing, glass factories, etc.

The Physical and Chemical Specification of Calcined Petroleum Coke



Fixed Carbon






1-5mm; 1-3mm;


Customized Size

97% min

0.5% max

0.8 % max

1 % max

1 % max

1-5mm; 1-3mm; 0-2mm;

Customized Size

97% min

0.7% max

0.8 % max

1 % max

1 % max

Core Advantage

Manufacturing Capacity

The production capacity of CPC is around 25000 tons per month.


Professional inspection team for shipment and support third-party inspection (SGS).

24 Hours

Professional technician and sales team track the use of customers, and respond to any problems within 24 hours.


Supply technical support and solutions for every customer for any issues when producing in furnace

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