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The graphite electrode price is expected to rise because needle coke price keep increasing

The graphite electrode price is expected to rise because needle coke price keep increasing

Chinese needle coke prices rise

The price of needle coke in China has increased by 500-1000 yuan. The main reasons in the market as following:

First, the stock of needle coke is reduced because of factory operating at a low level, and the resources of high-quality needle coke are in short supply, which is conducive to the upward price.

Second, the price of raw materials continued to rise, boosted by the international crude oil market, the price of oil slurry and soft asphalt continued to rise, so the cost of needle coke was high.

Third, the downstream demand is not reduced, the market heat is increased due to the orders of anode materials are sufficient, so the price of graphite electrode rises by 150-240 USD/ ton, and the future market is still bullish, which further benefits the price of needle coke.

Fourth, the prices of needle coke related products-petroleum coke and calcined petroleum coke rose sharply.

In terms of price, as of February 24, the operating range of China's needle coke market price is 1500-2060 USD / ton of calcined needle coke; green needle coke is 1190-1350 USD/ ton, and the mainstream transaction price of imported oil needle coke is 1100-1300 USD / ton; Calcined needle coke is 2000-2200 USD / ton; The mainstream transaction price of imported coal needle coke is 1450-1700 USD / ton.

The forecast: it is expected that the price will still rise. On the one hand, the overall market start-up is low, which has a certain support for the price. On the other hand, the downstream anode material and graphite electrode are expected to rise in March. At the same time, graphite electrode price is still expected to rise, which is good for the needle coke market; In addition, the prices of petroleum coke and calcined petroleum coke have risen sharply recently. The highest price of low sulfur calcined coke has been raised to 10000 yuan / ton today, which is close to the price of some needle coke manufacturers. Therefore, some buyers may turn to needle coke, and the shipment of needle coke is expected to increase. In conclusion, the increase range is expected to be 80-160 USD/Ton.

Post time: Mar-10-2022